Amish Sugar Cookie Bars


These Amish Sugar Cookie Bars are truly a WOW! Be prepared to fall in love with sugar cookies all over again – Amish Sugar Cookie Bars, that is!   ♥

2014-02-28-126 Amish Sugar Cookie Bars

So, I was in Barnes & Noble the other day, and I saw a recipe in a really neat cookbook dedicated just to cookies. In the book was a recipe Amish Sugar Cookies. Hmm, Amish Sugar Cookies?

So I thought it over and something inside me told me to give these a try. I adapted the recipe slightly and made bars instead of cookies, and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. :)

When my kids came home from school they saw the bars sitting out and asked about them. They loved the way the bars looked, but weren’t too excited about the idea of a sugar cookie, until they tried them!

My kids loved these bars! Let’s just say I get, I really, really get it!!

Do yourself a favor and try these, they are truly wonderful!

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