Single-Serving Apple Pie Bowls


Treat yourself to a taste of Fall with my Single-Serving Apple Pie Bowls! No need to make a whole apple pie. :)

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Single-Serving Apple Pie Bowls 308

Fall flavors really are some of the very best flavors – I love fall baking!

Today I bring you my Single-Serving Apple Pie Bowls. These little bowls are similar to a dessert I did last Fall called Apple (Pie) Flower Bowls. The concept is the same, just done with a fun little twist.

I felt like changing things up a bit today, so I came up with my Single-Serving Apple Pie Bowls. The flavors going on in these little delights are wonderful!

The idea behind these bowls is that you have a personal dessert for each person that isn’t too large, without having a lot of extra dessert hanging around the house.

My Singe-Serving Apple Pie Bowls aren’t exactly pie, and they definitely are not a traditional recipe. Simply put, they’re a great dessert with a wonderful golden brown crust.

Why a crust? Because you just gotta have a golden brown crust! :)


That wonderful deep dark brown color comes from the addition of the toffee chips. They add sort of a warm caramel flavored something special without being too much.

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