Orange-Sherbet Crunchy Ice Cream Cake


This Orange-Sherbet Crunchy Ice Cream Cake is fun and incredibly delicious! Cake, ice cream and rainbow sherbet-white chocolate crunchy bits in every bite!

2015-08-30-6934 My boys are always ready for ice cream, no matter what time of year, no matter what kind of weather. Truth be told, ice cream isn’t my go-to dessert, but there are times where ice cream is just perfect, and this is one of those times!

The flavors in this Orange-Sherbet Ice Cream Cake are so sunny and wonderful! The bottom layer is an incredibly refreshing moist orange cake, the ice cream layer is vanilla ice cream with Rainbow Sherbet Pebbles crunchy pieces, and the top layer is a generous amount of Rainbow Sherbet crunchy pieces and clusters (made with white chocolate and Rainbow Sherbet Pebbles). How am I doing so far?

This Ice Cream Cake has a few more steps than many of my recipes, but it’s worth it and things come together pretty quickly! :)

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