Ham-Bacon-Potato Pie


My Ham-Bacon-Potato Pie is simple. delicious and actually makes you look forward to having leftover ham!


I am absolutely thrilled to bring you this incredibly delicious pie dinner that has ham, bacon and potatoes! NOM! Basically, I have put together my favorite part of several pie/torte recipes and combined them into one pie, just the way I want it. The result – a dinner pie that’s really, really good!

Whether you want to call this a Ham-Bacon-Potato Pie or a Ham-Bacon-Potato Torte is completely up to you. To keep things simple I’m calling it a dinner pie.

I can honestly say this pie makes me look forward to having leftover ham!

The preparation of this pie does involve a few more steps, but don’t let it Intimidate you! Because when your assembly is done you just pop it in the oven and let it bake. Out comes a golden brown pie full of bacon, ham and potatoes, with lots of flavor and little bit of creamy wonderfulness!

Today my friends, I share with you my Ham-Bacon-Potato Pie! Can’t wait for you to try my new pie recipe!


The majority of my ingredients prepped and ready to go. Just the way I like it. Do make sure to drain your potatoes and get rid of any extra water before you start. :)

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