Creamy Pasta with Ham & Peas


My Creamy Pasta with Ham & Peas makes dinner hassle-free and delicious any night of the week! 2015-01-06 Creamy Pasta with Ham & Peas 4148 Pasta always makes a great weeknight dinner. You can do just about anything with pasta. If your house is anything like mine you probably see happy faces when you serve pasta for dinner. My guys love pasta! I mean they love, love, love a good hearty pasta dish. That’s why I am constantly playing with different pasta combinations just to keep things fresh.

Today I share with you my own version of Creamy Pasta with Ham & Peas.  Unlike many sauces out there this one does NOT start with two cups of heavy whipping cream. This dish is incredibly easy to whip together and is full of easy ingredients.

Basically, I took a few of our favorite ingredients, pasta, ham (great way to use up leftovers), peas, and of course a nice flavorful creamy sauce. Okay you got me, my youngest is not a pea enthusiast, but with the Pipe Rigate (large shells) some of the peas ended up in the pasta. You mean some of the peas end up in the pasta and can’t be seen, huh? :)

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Weeknight Creamy Pasta Carbonara


My Weeknight Creamy Pasta Carbonara makes dinner simple, stress-free and delicious!

2014-10-21_3424 Weeknight Creamy Pasta Carbonara

If your kids are anything like mine, they probably love pasta carbonara! Actually, I think most people are quite fond of the flavors in carbonara. Really, what’s not to love?

Carbonara is typically made up of some combination of eggs, bacon, black pepper and grated cheese, right? Then of course there are variations that may or may not include peas, mushrooms, other vegetables and cream.

Today, my goal is to give you another variation of carbonara that is simple & delicious and easy to make any night of the week for dinner. For real!

People usually love this dish because it has those yummy, comforting flavors so many of us truly enjoy! Of course, feel free to change it up however you want to.

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