Spaghetti With Fried Eggs & Garlic


This Spaghetti With Fried Eggs & Garlic is perfect for a quick dinner any night of the week! Serve it with a side salad of your favorite summertime veggies and you’re set!


Bringing you this simple rustic pasta recipe today because you can never really have too many pasta dishes! Recently I have seen various recipes for pasta & eggs pop up all over the internet. The pairing of pasta and eggs is after all a classic favorite!

Then I started thinking, this is just like a recipe both my grandma (she is no longer with us) and my German host mother used to make.

So I took my favorite part of each recipe and simply put a little different spin on this classic dish. When I was on the German exchange program in college my German mother, Olga used to make a version of this recipe and it was always SO good!

My grandma on my dad’s side also used to make this recipe with LOTS of garlic! She was Russian, so we had garlic in just about everything. Sometimes she used pasta and then other times she used cabbage. Both versions were always delicious!

Hope you enjoy this pasta dish!


Pasta, eggs, garlic, salt, sunflower oil or extra virgin olive oil, freshly ground pepper and Parmesan! So yummy!

You can be as generous as you want to with the fresh ground black pepper!


The chopped garlic is heating up in garlic pepper sunflower oil. Don’t worry if you don’t have sunflower oil, this recipe is also fabulous with extra virgin olive oil!


You can make your egg pieces as big or small as you want to. I prefer to go a little chunkier. Do whatever makes you happy! :)


Spaghetti With Fried Eggs & Garlic

Ingredients:                                                                                       2015-08-04-6807

1/2 pound thin spaghetti

6 tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil, or Garlic Pepper Sunflower Oil

3 large cloves garlic, finely chopped

4 large eggs

Kosher salt (added to water while boiling pasta)

Freshly ground black pepper

Freshly grated Parmesan, Parmigiano Reggiano, or any Parmesan you prefer, optional.


1. Bring a pot of water to a boil. Once boiling add pasta and salt. Start the sauce in the next step, while cooking the pasta in the boiling water.

2. Combine garlic and 3 tablespoons of the oil in a small skillet over medium-low heat. Cook the garlic, pressing it into the oil occasionally to release its flavor, it should barely color on both sides. Remove the garlic, and add the remaining oil.

3. Heat the oil for a bit and gently fry the eggs in the oil until the whites are just about set and the yolks are still quite runny. Drain the pasta, and toss with the eggs and oil, breaking up the whites. (The eggs will finish cooking in the heat of the pasta.) Season to taste, and serve immediately, sprinkle with Parmesan cheese if you like.

Makes 2-3 Servings

Adapted from: The NY Times Food

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