Chocolate Mint Poke Cake


My Chocolate Mint Poke Cake is so delicious and so moist – it has just the right balance of chocolate and mint! You will love making it because it’s so simple. :)

Chocolate Mint Poke Cake 5451

Poke cakes are great for taking to picnics and such during the warm months. They travel well, they keep well and the flavor combos are endless. Playing with different flavors is always so much fun.

This Chocolate Mint Poke Cake is sure to please! With a few short steps you can take a boxed cake mix and make it really, really good!

Put this Chocolate Mint Poke in front of your family/friends and I guarantee you they will love it!


The chocolate mint pudding you see poking out is absolutely delicious with just the right amount of chocolate and mint flavor in each bite!

I like to use 1 cup of coffee creamer (girl scout thin mints flavor) and 1 cup of milk. But if you don’t want to use coffee creamer you can always add a little mint extract your milk instead.

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Lucky Mint Chocolate Pie


My Lucky Mint Chocolate Pie is simple, delicious and perfect for any occasion. Whether it’s St. Patrick’s Day or not, it’s always a great day to make this pie!


St. Patrick’s Day is just a few days away so I wanted to give you guys a simple yet tasty dessert you can make for the occasion, if you want to. It seems like there are a lot of people out there who really go all out for St. Patrick’s Day. So here you go!

Why is this Lucky Mint Chocolate Pie? Because once people taste it you will be lucky to get a piece! People of all ages love this pie!

The flavors and ingredients are so simple and yet so incredibly scrumptious together you will be amazed.

So here you have my Lucky Mint Chocolate Chip Pie that is wonderful for any occasion! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Love that the pie has a wonderful and delicious chocolate base. You can keep it in the freezer (the way I like it), or you can keep it in the fridge. Don’t worry, this pie does not freeze rock hard because it has a chocolate cream base.


In case you’re not sure, the chopped cookies are Girl Scout Thin Mints. Sorry I don’t have a box for you. I was lucky to get my hands on any, the boys went through them so fast!!

If you can’t find these marshmallows, no big deal. Regular marshmallows will work just fine. These marshmallows are fun when they’re half price, like mine were.

Seriously they have a faint chocolate mint flavor so you’re not really missing out on anything. You will still be getting the mint chocolate flavor from the Thin Mint Cookies and the Andes crème de menthe baking pieces.


There’s a lot of flexibility with this pie! It makes things SO easy! You don’t need to drag a fork through the whip cream, unless you want to. I did it strictly to give the appearance of texture. Either way the pie is going to be delicious. :)


Then of course you finish off the pie with chopped Thin Mint cookies (or Cool Mint Oreos) and the rest of the chopped Andes mint baking chips. The combination of the two is minty and chocolaty and so very WONDERFUL without being too much!

Chocolate and mint how can you go wrong?


Lucky Mint Chocolate Pie

Ingredients:                                                                                              2015-03-14-4931

1/2 cup whole milk, or any other milk

24 chocolate mint marshmallows, or regular marshmallows

1 cup Andes crème de menthe baking chips, divided

8 Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies or Cool Mint Oreos, chopped

1 – 8 ounce container frozen whipped topping. thawed and divided

9 – inch pie crust, baked


1. Heat milk and marshmallows on LOW, or in a double boiler until marshmallows melt; stir in Andes baking chips until melted completely.

2. Remove from heat; cool. Add one cup whipped topping; stir and pour into baked pie crust.

3. Refrigerate overnight to set. Spread with remaining whipped topping, sprinkle top with remaining 1/4 cup of Andes and chopped thin mint cookies. Slice, serve and ENJOY!

Makes 8 servings. 


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Mint Oreo Truffles (good anytime of the year)


You simply must try my Mint Oreo Truffles for your family, friends and co-workers! Everyone will LOVE these! 2015-03-04-4771 Mint Oreo Truffles

I’ve made these Mint Oreo Truffles for my boys a number of times and just have to share them! This is one of those recipes that everyone seems to have a favorite version of, so I’m sharing my simple take on this delicious treat with you guys.

The funny thing about this Mint Oreo Truffle is people will try one, and then one more, and one more…then pretty soon they will be gone as fast as you put them out!

Today I share with you my Mint Oreo Truffles, perfect for St. Patrick’s Day or anytime you want the great taste of chocolate and mint together!


These truffles are a great treat during the colder months because I think they just plain old taste better when it’s cold out.

Not only that, have you ever watched a child hold a chocolate anything during the warmer months? Um yeah, not a pretty sight. It’s kind of a meltdown in slow motion as they get frustrated and the chocolate goes everywhere! :)

These Mint Oreo Truffles are great for Easter too!

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Chocolate Mint Charmed Treats


Get ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with this new twist on a classic favorite!

Chocolate Mint Charmed Treats_214

St. Patrick’s Day is such a fun holiday to make yummy chocolate and mint recipes, really just fun recipes overall.

Last week I made a white chocolate treat similar to this one. Now, I give you my chocolate version!

It’s pretty hard to go wrong with mint chocolate and together in the same dessert. If you know what I mean?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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Chocolate Mint Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

Chocolate Mint Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

My Chocolate Mint Ice Cream Sandwich Cake is great for St. Patrick’s day or any day of the year! 

2014-03-14-017 CMISC

With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, I have a mega simple frozen treat for you today that is fun, and delicious! 

I have been making ice cream sandwich cakes for the boys for as long as I can remember. I probably make about 25 different varieties and they love them all!

The nice thing about this version is you can leave off the St. Patrick’s Day sprinkles, and you have a great dessert for any night of the week, or even a special occasion.

Hope you guys have a great weekend!


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