Special Cereal Jar: Halloween

special cereal jar_halloween

If you have anyone in your house that loves cereal, this is such a fun idea, and it’s always well received! It’s also just a really nice way for kids, or anyone at all, to start out the day.

This idea has probably been done a million times, but I don’t really know, because I have never looked. I’m not really a crafter. When and if I do a craft (if it can be called that), it’s always one with a specific purpose, usually consumption.

This idea just kind of came to me based on what I had, what I wanted to achieve, and the fact that I have a son who loves cereal! Oh, this also works well for a quick and easy “thinking of you” type of gift to brighten someone’s day. :)

What I like best about this whole concept is that it can be adapted to fit ANY special theme, party, holiday, etc.

special cereal jar_halloween

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