Pineapple Banana Hummingbird Mini Loaves


These Pineapple Banana Hummingbird Mini Loaves are sweet, moist, delicious and absolutely wonderful for Mother’s Day!


This sweet, tasty bread is perfect for Mother’s Day! After all, what’s not to love? The combination of pineapple + banana + cream cheese = Pineapple Banana Hummingbird Mini Loaves.

With all of its wonderful sunny flavors this bread is just so perfect for Mother’s Day and of course for Spring in general! You can make this bread for yourself, family, friends, or anyone at all.

Keep in mind, if you make the bread as mini loaves you can keep one for yourself and give the rest as gifts. Just wrap a loaf up in plastic wrap, add a pretty ribbon or bow, and you have a great gift for anyone!

If you’re a fan of banana bread in general and have never had Pineapple Banana Hummingbird Mini Loaves, you’re going to love them!


A lovely little mini loaf with cream cheese drizzle. It’s just the perfect present for someone you care about? Don’t you agree?

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