Blueberry Fruity-Bite Muffins


Tasty blueberry muffins baked soft and moist topped with a yummy glaze and a wonderful fruity cereal topping. These little delights give you a big burst of fruit flavor!

Blueberry Fruity-Bite Muffins_308

Using cereal in recipes seems to be just one of the many trends right now. I keep seeing different ideas popping up. But I have to tell you, I’ve already done a lot of experimenting with cereal.

This is a recipe I have adapted from one on the internet and used about a million different ways. It’s not from a blog, it’s from one of the major recipe sources. The problem is I see the exact same recipe everywhere, so I’m not sure where it truly came from! Now I’m sharing my version with you.

So, back to cereal, I have been experimenting with cereal off & on as time permits. I try to use cereal here and there in lots different ways.

Why? Because one of my boys LOVES cereal! I mean this boy really LOVES his cereal!!

So from time to time I play around to see how I can incorporate one of his favorite foods into some of the other things we eat.

With these Blueberry Fruity-Bite Muffins the cereal is used on the top of the muffin, and it adds a tremendous fruit flavor!

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