Double Chocolate Chunk Espresso Cake with Toffee Almond Glaze


Chocolate cake, cinnamon, dark chocolate with espresso beans, and a simple glaze made with toffee almond creamer – make this cake both unique and wonderful! 

double choc chunk espresso cake_121

Last night I was prepping for one of our basic Sunday Dinners. In my head is was going through the various parts of the meal, but I didn’t have a dessert.

It’s not too often I have this problem. I simply didn’t know what to make for dessert! No dessert on a Sunday, I feel a mutiny about to take place. :)

Oh, for the meal, (oven-baked lemon pepper tilapia, oven roasted Brussels sprouts, and seasoned pan-fried potatoes, heavy on season, a touch of salt, light on oil), just in case you were wondering. Nothing too grandiose. We like simple, basic food.

Back to dessert, I didn’t know what to make, but in the back of my head I was thinking maybe some kind of chocolate cake, but something different. My fellas always love a good chocolate cake!

This cake is delicious, comes together quickly, and is guaranteed to get a YUM from everyone having a piece!

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