Glazed Chocolate Donut Holes


My Glazed Chocolate Donut Holes make the perfect breakfast, snack or dessert! Moist, dense and of course chocolaty delicious. :)

2015-02-15-4468 Glazed Chocolate Donut Holes

You guys…these donut holes are crazy delicious and they are baked not fried, so nothing to feel guilty about right? Lol!

These donut holes really are so easy to prepare! Don’t worry about needing a donut hole pan, just make them in a mini muffin pan.

Truth be told, the only reason I used a donut hole pan is because I got a couple as a gift last year. These donut holes are so easy to make in a regular mini muffin pan, that’s how I usually do it at home. Today I just felt like changing it up a bit.


The center of these donut holes is moist, dense and wonderful! If you look close enough you can almost see the mini chocolate chips baked into the donut hole.

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Chocolate Peppermint Mocha Donut Holes


Delicious chocolate donut holes with just the right amount of peppermint mocha, and generously covered with a wonderful glaze.

Chocolate Peppermint Mocha Donut Holes_009

These wonderful little donut holes are baked, not fried, and they are such a special treat!

We love donuts here, they come in second only to cookies. You know those wonderful little packs of donut holes you can buy? I’m going to explain how you can make a very similar donut hole at home.

These are light, fluffy, sweet, and have a wonderful chocolate flavor, with just the right amount of peppermint mocha. I’ve said it before, and I will say it again. I like peppermint in moderation. I wanted a donut hole where you taste the chocolate flavor first, and then the peppermint mocha, and that’s what I created.

So, if you want a donut hole with a wonderful, balanced flavor, and a perfect homemade glaze, this one’s for you!

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Pumpkin Donut Holes

copy of 024

What could be more appropriate for a Halloween treat than Pumpkin Donut Holes? Honestly they’re a big hit here anytime of the year.

Pumpkin Donut Holes

These donut holes are so moist, so yummy, and so wonderful in the morning, because they’re baked not fried!

These little delights are perfect for breakfast in the morning with a big glass of cold milk, orange juice, or a nice fresh cup of coffee.

These are easy to make, and with our without a donut hole pan they turn out great!

Let’s make some moist and delicious donut holes. Shall we? :)

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