Creamy Chicken Spread


My Creamy Chicken Spread will be a great addition to your Super Bowl Party Food! Or make this spread for a fun anytime snack whenever you feel like it.

2015-01-26-4345 Creamy Chicken Spread

My Creamy Chicken Spread is excellent for snacking! This recipe is a little different than the majority of my recipes. This fun little spread is definitely savory as a chicken spread should be,  not sweet.

The thing I find interesting about this recipe is that it’s the type of food that keeps you coming back for more. Every time I have this spread I do the same thing.

I spread some on 2 or 3 crackers, then I walk away. But after a few minutes I find myself going back for more. My Creamy Chicken Spread is just one of those things you will probably enjoy eating, just a little at a time!

This Creamy Chicken Spread could also be used as a sandwich spread, if you like. :)


I absolutely LOVE the Swanson brand chunk canned chicken! So that’s what I used in this recipe. This White Premium Chunk Chicken Breast is a great source of low-fat protein  and it’s certified by the American Heart Association!

No, I am not associated with them in any way. I just really like that there are no preservatives! Of course if you have leftover rotisserie chicken that would be great too.


Freshly chopped green onions on top always add a nice touch. But if you don’t like them, leave them off!


This Creamy Chicken Spread is great with any cracker, but a few of my favorites with this spread are Ritz crackers and Triscuits.


Creamy Chicken Spread

Ingredients:                                                                    2015-01-26-4345 Creamy Chicken Spread

1 can (12.5 oz.) White Premium Chunk Chicken Breast (I like Swanson, but any brand will work)

1 package (8 ounces) reduced-fat cream cheese, softened

1/2 cup chopped celery

1/2 cup olive oil mayonnaise, or any variety

1 can (4 oz.) mild diced green chiles

2 green onions, chopped

1/2 – 1 teaspoon garlic powder

2-3 drops hot sauce (optional)

pinch of salt


1. Place all ingredients in a food processor, process until celery is coarsely chopped. Or once cream cheese has softened, stir ingredients together by with a heavy spoon. Serve as a spread with crackers, or use as a sandwich spread. Top with additional chopped green onions if desired when serving as a spread.


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My Creamy Pasta with Ham & Peas makes dinner hassle-free and delicious any night of the week! 2015-01-06 Creamy Pasta with Ham & Peas 4148 Pasta always makes a great weeknight dinner. You can do just about anything with pasta. If your house is anything like mine you probably see happy faces when you serve pasta for dinner. My guys love pasta! I mean they love, love, love a good hearty pasta dish. That’s why I am constantly playing with different pasta combinations just to keep things fresh.

Today I share with you my own version of Creamy Pasta with Ham & Peas.  Unlike many sauces out there this one does NOT start with two cups of heavy whipping cream. This dish is incredibly easy to whip together and is full of easy ingredients.

Basically, I took a few of our favorite ingredients, pasta, ham (great way to use up leftovers), peas, and of course a nice flavorful creamy sauce. Okay you got me, my youngest is not a pea enthusiast, but with the Pipe Rigate (large shells) some of the peas ended up in the pasta. You mean some of the peas end up in the pasta and can’t be seen, huh? :)

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Easy and creamy with just the right amount of chocolate, this family style pie makes for a wonderful frozen dessert!     

Easy Creamy Chocolate Pie_316

So if it’s a frozen pie why does it look a little soft? Glad you asked! :)

Because that’s the way everyone in my family loves to eat it, myself included. Just being honest.

This pie is one of those pies that might seem vaguely familiar because we’ve all seen many recipes for various cream pies all over the place.

I assure you this one is my own combo, and every single time I make it the kids devour it! Okay, everyone does.

Sometimes I even make it with a chocolate crust, also very good. For some reason this seems to taste so much better in the Summer.

Easy Creamy Chocolatey Pie – so simple, so good!

Okay, let me show you how to put this pie together.

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copy of 037

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pumpkin cupcakes with creamy chocolate frosting

The addition of Pumpkin Spice cream cheese really gives these cupcakes a touch of something special. After one bite you will be hooked on the moist and delicious flavor of the cupcakes.

For those of you that aren’t frosting lover’s this Creamy Chocolate Frosting is so delicious and smooth – it’s perfect for these delicious cupcakes!

The Pumpkin Spice cream cheese adds just a hint of special flavor and also makes the frosting creamy and wonderful.

Enjoy the Flavors of Fall, be good to yourself and make these sometime soon! :)
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