Cotton Candy Cookie Cups


Remember those puffs of cotton candy you got as a kid? Recapture that fun flavor with these Cotton Candy Cookie Cups. They bring you straight back to being a kid at the fair!

Cotton Candy Cookie Cups_128

Often times on Monday I like to start the week out with a simple, easy recipe that you can just kind of roll into the week with.

This post is one of those fun ideas, for when you want to make something quick and easy for your kids, co-workers, or anyone at all.

So, during one of my usual Target trips I saw Cotton Candy Cookie Mix. My boys love Cotton Candy, and the price was right, so we gave it a try.

Cotton Candy cookies? Who would’ve thought? Cotton Candy is NOT my flavor of choice for anything! So, I was all ready NOT to like these cookies. But I have to say, I was quite pleasantly surprised. :)

Keep reading and I will tell you more…

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