Chocolate Chip Candy Cookie Pie

chocolate chip candy cookie pie_210
What could possibly be better than home-made Chocolate Chip Cookies? How about home-made Chocolate Chip Cookie dough and your favorite candy baked in a pie plate that can cut into wedges? 
chocolate chip candy cookie pie_210 
Yes, my friends I do many, many different things with chocolate chip cookies dough! Why? You may be asking yourself.
Well, it’s really pretty simple. My guys are always asking for home-made chocolate chip cookies. I mean quite literally they could eat chocolate chip cookies every single day of the year!
Because sooo may people love chocolate chip cookies, I try to come up with some different ways of serving one of America’s favorite cookies.Don’t get me wrong, I love chocolate chip cookies too. I just don’t have the urge to eat them 365 days a year. :)
This is a really great way to serve chocolate chip cookies when you want to do something kind of casual and fun, but still want to put your own spin on the cookies.
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Orange Blossom Cookies


When you want a dessert for a potluck, bake sale, or any family gathering. this is a great go-to recipe. They’re easy to make, and their pleasant orange flavor and their bright color makes people take notice.


After the Super Bowl yesterday I thought it might be nice to go with something a little lighter today. I hope you enjoy these Orange Blossom Cookies!

This cookie is sunny and light and very enjoyable. People of all ages enjoy this cookie, and that’s always a good thing. It’s nice to have a few recipes like this in your collection.

To be honest with you I stumbled across a recipe for soft lemonade cookies on line at Taste of Home when I was looking for a recipe for something else. I never did find the other recipe, but that’s okay. I found this one and adapted it a bit, and made it orange.

This cookie is refreshing and gives you a chance to enjoy a little something after a meal or whenever, without being too much. This cookie is perfect for warm weather days. Now we just some warm weather!

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Double Chocolate Almond Cookies


This recipe is so good and so basic. Just the right amount of almond extract takes this double chocolate cookie to a whole new level!  

2014-01-14-114 Double Chocolate Almond Cookies These cookies are so easy and so yummy! Aside from minimal clean up, the nice thing about this cookie is the kids can help you make them. It always nice to have a simply baking project they can help out with. :)

I made a sort-of similar cookie about this time last year, but this year I wanted to change it up a bit.


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Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Bars


These Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Bars are so good! You’re going to love making them, and even more you’re going to love serving them to family and friends.

Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Bars_009

It has been very cold here to say the least! The governor has cancelled school because it’s just too cold to have kids out in this kind of weather.

When cold weather hits I think we all kind of look for our own favorite comfort foods. Here, on of our comfort foods is chocolate chip cookies.

At first glance these may look like any other chocolate chip bar. However, the wonderful mix of chocolate and the extra touch of chopped salted caramel milk chocolate caramel makes them so much more!

If you’re not a fan of milk chocolate that’s fine, just use a different kind of chocolate. Check out my recipe, it’s easy to follow, easy to change, and it doesn’t disappoint. :)

Happy cold weather baking, and if it isn’t cold where you are enjoy the warmth!

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Holiday Chip Cookie Sticks


These cookie sticks are SO easy and SO delicious! They’re a fun alternative to regular chocolate chip cookies for those days you want something just a little different.

Holiday Chip Cookie Sticks_110

Did everyone have a wonderful Christmas? I certainly hope so! It’s such a wonderful time of the year!!

I have seen recipes for various types of cookie sticks about a million times, but I have never made them myself, until now. So, with the kids home this week we thought we would give them a try.

Okay, okay we made two batches. The first batch started to disappear very quickly. So a second batch was a must. :)

I must say, they’re a fun alternative to the classic chocolate chip cookie. I like the simplicity of cookie sticks and everyone seems to find their own way to eat them. Whether you like to dunk them in your favorite beverage, or eat them just the way they are – they’re just plain old yummy!

I still truly believe it is the simple, well done, recipes that make most people happy.

So round up the kids, or whoever is around and make some cookie sticks!

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Cherry Chocolate Chunk Cookies


These wonderful cookies combines three of my favorites: dried sweet cherries, white chocolate, and chocolate chunks. These cookies are so pretty and festive for the holidays.  Cherry Chocolate Chunk Cookies_019 My Cherry Chocolate Chunk Cookies are a must have for any holiday celebration with family and friends! The red and white color add a great holiday feel, plus these cookies are such a nice change of pace!

There’s just something special about that one red and white cookie on any cookie platter. It’s that one cookie that always gets people talking, that one cookie that creates curiosity, and it’s that one cookie that’s just a little different.

The addition of the chocolate chunks will help bring a lot of people back into their comfort zone, plus give them a little treat. :)

These cookies are a must have for any cookie platter!

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Peppermint Bark Snowball Cookies


Present your family and friends this scrumptious cookie that highlights one of the most popular flavors of the season – peppermint!

Peppermint Bark Snowball Cookies_146

You get plenty of that delicious classic sugar-cookie flavor and a special something with the chopped peppermint bark in my version of Peppermint Bark Snowball Cookies!

Most people like to make their Peppermint Snowball cookies with crushed peppermint candies. I go about this one a little differently.

There are no nuts, and no chopped peppermint candies. I prefer to use chopped peppermint bark, and no nuts, in this particular version of Peppermint Bark Snowball Cookies.

What makes this cookie so wonderful is that they’re simple and delicious, and no matter where you take them, they’re sure to be a crowd pleaser.

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SnowTop Toblerone Shortbread Cookies


Looking for a delicious new shortbread cookie? Try my SnowTop Toblerone Cookies. These cookies are wonderful to share with your friends and family this holiday season!

SnowTop Toblerone Shortbread Cookies_005

Recently I mentioned how much I love shortbread, and I want to share some of my favorite versions with you.

Whether it’s Shortbread cookies, bars, wedges, or anything else Shortbread, it always seems to taste so good during the holiday season. :)

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Caramel-Filled Chocolate Cookies


How does a moist chocolate cookie with a delicious caramel center sound? Perfect for the holidays? I thought so too. :)

Caramel-Filled Chocolate Cookies_006

Looking for a fun new holiday cookie that doesn’t take forever to make? Try my Caramel-Filled Chocolate Cookies.

These cookies come together so quickly, and they’re fabulous!

They’re also great for bringing with you to see family and friends during the holidays!


I realize there are lots different caramel & chocolate blend cookies, but that doesn’t matter. I’m giving you one of my newest recipes. This cookie is so good on so many different levels. You will want to keep this recipe handy. :)

Let the cookie baking begin!

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Chunky Peppermint Bark Red Velvet Cookies


This cookie is based on a traditional Southern favorite, Red velvet cake. Adding chunky peppermint bark pieces to these cookies makes them just about PERFECT for the Holiday Season! 

chunky peppermint bak red velvet cookies_002

I know there are a lot of Red velvet fans out there! It’s just one of those flavors that makes so many people happy, and that’s a wonderful thing!

If you’re like me and you like mint, but don’t always love it, you will LOVE the Dove Peppermint Bark in these cookies! If you’re already a fan of Dove Peppermint Bark and LOVE it, you will go CRAZY over how good this chocolate is in these cookies!!

There’s a slightly crunchy, dark chocolate bottom on these candies and it is wonderful! You want the pieces of chocolate kind of chunky, it just makes the cookie so much more indulgent. :)

Hope you enjoy!

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Cotton Candy Cookie Cups


Remember those puffs of cotton candy you got as a kid? Recapture that fun flavor with these Cotton Candy Cookie Cups. They bring you straight back to being a kid at the fair!

Cotton Candy Cookie Cups_128

Often times on Monday I like to start the week out with a simple, easy recipe that you can just kind of roll into the week with.

This post is one of those fun ideas, for when you want to make something quick and easy for your kids, co-workers, or anyone at all.

So, during one of my usual Target trips I saw Cotton Candy Cookie Mix. My boys love Cotton Candy, and the price was right, so we gave it a try.

Cotton Candy cookies? Who would’ve thought? Cotton Candy is NOT my flavor of choice for anything! So, I was all ready NOT to like these cookies. But I have to say, I was quite pleasantly surprised. :)

Keep reading and I will tell you more…

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Caramel Macchiato Thumbprints


Whether you’re a coffee drinker or not, you can still enjoy the multi-layered flavor of coffee, caramel, and chocolate together in one cookie. :)

caramel macchiato thumbprints

Cookies are without a doubt one of my favorite things to whip up any time at all. They are simple, they take very little time, and I love that my kids can grab a few for their backpack, or for a snack, whenever.

One of the things I like most about cookies is the way you can easily change the ingredients to fit whatever sounds good to YOU that day. :)

Caramel Macchiato – yummy!

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