Chunky Peppermint Bark Red Velvet Cookies


This cookie is based on a traditional Southern favorite, Red velvet cake. Adding chunky peppermint bark pieces to these cookies makes them just about PERFECT for the Holiday Season! 

chunky peppermint bak red velvet cookies_002

I know there are a lot of Red velvet fans out there! It’s just one of those flavors that makes so many people happy, and that’s a wonderful thing!

If you’re like me and you like mint, but don’t always love it, you will LOVE the Dove Peppermint Bark in these cookies! If you’re already a fan of Dove Peppermint Bark and LOVE it, you will go CRAZY over how good this chocolate is in these cookies!!

There’s a slightly crunchy, dark chocolate bottom on these candies and it is wonderful! You want the pieces of chocolate kind of chunky, it just makes the cookie so much more indulgent. :)

Hope you enjoy!

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