S’mores Chocolate Krave Cake


My S’mores Chocolate Krave Cake makes a wonderful dessert, or snack to share with your family and friends. Delicious graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallow in one!2015_02_21_312Usually I don’t say too much about the cold, but it has been really cold in lots of places lately!

I know many of you are experiencing cold like you’ve never experienced before! Being from Minnesota I know how hard it can be, the cold gets really old really fast. Trust me I know!

Cold or not we are going to start out the week on a happy note! Today we are going to talk about my S’mores Chocolate Krave Cake. :)

You guys, this cereal cake is SO good! This is one of those desserts you can’t take just one bite of. I know, the marshmallow goodness sucked me right in. Then you taste the yummy cereal combo and you get that nice graham cracker texture, and don’t forget the chocolate drizzle on top!

I can’t wait for you guys to make this one! Today I have made for you S’mores Chocolate Krave Cake.

ENJOY! 2015-02-21-308 The flavors in my S’mores Chocolate Crave cake are SO delicious and SO comforting you’re going to want more! There’s no walking away from this one. :)

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Super Cereal Care Package


Fun and useful food items make welcome gifts any time of year! My Super Cereal Care Package is just the tip of the ice berg for Care Packages!

2014-11-07_3205 Super Cereal Care Package

I’m excited to start a NEW feature at Megamommy where every so often I will share some of my favorite gift ideas with you! Trust me, I realize that many of you are smarter, more creative and craftier than I am! My only goal here is to share ideas that have worked well for me, hoping they can also work well for you! :)

I LOVE a well thought out Care Package! They are wonderful to give and receive. I’m willing to bet there are a lot of you out there who feel the same way!

What makes a Care Package great? That’s easy…making the items relevant to that special someone’s life! It’s not about that perfect item, and it’s not about a dollar amount. It’s about giving that special someone a little something they can truly use!

Something that makes their life just a little easier, and brings a genuine smile to their face! That’s what it’s about.

C’mon let’s take a look…it will be fun!


This Super Cereal Care Package was for my friend Stephanie who just moved into a new house. She bought a wonderful older home with lots of character and fun little spaces! 

Having just moved in she was in desperate need of breakfast items should could grab and take to work with her. Of course she eats her cereal with milk, and she always keeps a small bottle of milk at work. So now she’s set. She can grab a cup or two of cereal, or a breakfast bar, or one of each and be ready for her day at work.

She is much happier during the day now because she starts off her day with something to eat instead of waiting until lunch. I love that!


The items used in any Care Package should be specific to that person. These are some of Steph’s favorite easy breakfast items, but anything could be substituted for your special someone.

By the way, she loved her Super Cereal Care Package!


Remember it’s NOT about spending a lot of money! It’s about getting a few good items that will be well received. For this Super Cereal Care Package I spent less than $15!


There are a few “golden rules” that I try to follow with every Care Package.

  • I try very hard to make sure that every item in the gift basket and/or the basket itself (or whatever container you are using) can either be eaten or used again!
  • The bags I use most often to wrap a Care Package are the clear bags from the Dollar Tree. Trust me here, keep the bag clear and use various colored ribbons or decorations to create a personalized look.
  • Avoid unnecessary packaging that will end up in a landfill!
  • When creating seasonal Care Packages I think it’s even more important to go with a clear bag and use seasonal ribbons or decorations and such!

No matter the age, no matter the stage , a well thought out Care Package is a wonderful gift any time of year!

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A-Day Rice Krispie Cake with Sixlets & Drizzle

Krispie Cake_130

My A-Day Rice Krispie Cake is perfect for making someone’s day just a little cheerier! It’s just so much fun!!

A-Day Rice Krispie Cake with Sixlets & Drizzle_114

The other day my son came home from school happy as could be! He said it was A-Day. What is A-Day? I asked the same question.

Apparently it’s when the school recognizes all the kids that got straight A’s the previous quarter. The kids get an ice cream treat and a couple of other fun things. Nice, huh?

So, when my son asked me to make him a special snack for A-Day, of course I said yes! There are so many fun and easy ways to adapt this Rice Krispie Cake. I can’t wait to show you some of my other favorites!

This post is about showing you guys an easy way to make someone’s day a little brighter with a fun & yummy treat! You could easily make this Rice Krispie Cake for kids, or better yet, make it with the kids!!

FYI – I know a whole lot of adults that would love to have someone make them, or share with them, a Rice Krispie Cake like this one. :)

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Chocolate Mint Charmed Treats


Get ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with this new twist on a classic favorite!

Chocolate Mint Charmed Treats_214

St. Patrick’s Day is such a fun holiday to make yummy chocolate and mint recipes, really just fun recipes overall.

Last week I made a white chocolate treat similar to this one. Now, I give you my chocolate version!

It’s pretty hard to go wrong with mint chocolate and together in the same dessert. If you know what I mean?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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White Chocolate Charmed Treats


This bar balances toasted oat cereal with marshmallows and a classic smooth marshmallow mixture, topped off with creamy white chocolate, and sprinkles.

White Chocolate Charmed Treats_110

There are many, many different types of marshmallow treats out there these days. Right around this time of year, marshmallow treats made with Lucky Charms seem to be all the rage. 

It makes sense, Lucky Charms and St. Patrick’s Day are a great match! Today I made White Chocolate Charmed Treats, or Lucky Charm Treats made with white chocolate.

This is one of those treats that’s a lot of fun to make for St. Patrick’s Day. They’re especially fun to make with the little helpers, your kids.

Grab your kids and go have some fun in the kitchen!

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Blueberry Fruity-Bite Muffins


Tasty blueberry muffins baked soft and moist topped with a yummy glaze and a wonderful fruity cereal topping. These little delights give you a big burst of fruit flavor!

Blueberry Fruity-Bite Muffins_308

Using cereal in recipes seems to be just one of the many trends right now. I keep seeing different ideas popping up. But I have to tell you, I’ve already done a lot of experimenting with cereal.

This is a recipe I have adapted from one on the internet and used about a million different ways. It’s not from a blog, it’s from one of the major recipe sources. The problem is I see the exact same recipe everywhere, so I’m not sure where it truly came from! Now I’m sharing my version with you.

So, back to cereal, I have been experimenting with cereal off & on as time permits. I try to use cereal here and there in lots different ways.

Why? Because one of my boys LOVES cereal! I mean this boy really LOVES his cereal!!

So from time to time I play around to see how I can incorporate one of his favorite foods into some of the other things we eat.

With these Blueberry Fruity-Bite Muffins the cereal is used on the top of the muffin, and it adds a tremendous fruit flavor!

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Special Cereal Jar: Halloween

special cereal jar_halloween

If you have anyone in your house that loves cereal, this is such a fun idea, and it’s always well received! It’s also just a really nice way for kids, or anyone at all, to start out the day.

This idea has probably been done a million times, but I don’t really know, because I have never looked. I’m not really a crafter. When and if I do a craft (if it can be called that), it’s always one with a specific purpose, usually consumption.

This idea just kind of came to me based on what I had, what I wanted to achieve, and the fact that I have a son who loves cereal! Oh, this also works well for a quick and easy “thinking of you” type of gift to brighten someone’s day. :)

What I like best about this whole concept is that it can be adapted to fit ANY special theme, party, holiday, etc.

special cereal jar_halloween

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Super Easy Ice Cream Sandwiches

ice cream sandwich_choc chip

ice cream sandwich_choc chip

The next time your kids, or family members ask for ice cream sandwiches give this method a try!


Purchase your favorite flavor of ice cream. Any ice cream will do. I usually go for vanilla because you can do anything with it.

Then, scoop your favorite flavor of ice cream between two store-bought cookies.

There are tons of cookies out there now that are wonderful; like peanut butter chocolate chip, M&M, any multi-chip cookie, or any cookie you like. This is one of the few times you want a store-bought cookie because they’re usually fairly solid.

Now roll the edges of the ice cream sandwich in crushed cereal, use up all those little cereal crumbs on the bottom of the cereal bag. A few of our favorites are any type of fruity pebbles or rings, peanut butter and chocolate puffs, and any type of cereal with mini marshmallows, any brandd will do. Just make sure the crumbs are crushed small enough to roll the sandwich in, but not a powder.


*MM Tip: You could use sprinkles but it can get expensive, plus this is a great way to use up all those crumbs in the bottom of the box nobody every wants to eat. Save the sprinkles for a birthday party or such!

For maximum enjoyment these must be eaten outside! :)



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