Chocolate Lucky Charms Treats with White Chocolate


My Chocolate Lucky Charms Treats with White Chocolate are the perfect sweet treat for St. Patrick’s Day or any time at all! 2015-02-25-4731 Chocolate Lucky Charms Treats with White Chocolate Do your kids love Lucky Charms for breakfast? My kids absolutely LOVE Lucky Charms! I must admit every so often I have a bowl and I am reminded how much I LOVE Lucky Charms too!

So when I saw Chocolate Lucky Charms at the store I knew I had to get some. Around here they’re on the shelves at different times of the year, but not all the time.

With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner I wanted to do something FUN, but easy for the upcoming holiday. Something that you can make with your kids, friends, or family without too much hassle!

So here you have Chocolate Lucky Charms, extra marshmallow and white chocolate combined to make my very delicious Chocolate Lucky Charms Treats with White Chocolate!


2015-02-25-4736 As you can see I like a little extra marshmallow in these treats, that’s why I use 5 cups of cereal instead of your standard 6 cups. If you don’t like extra marshmallow simply add 1 more cup of cereal to the mixture.

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Loaded Rice Krispie Dippers


A fun and yummy spin on the classic rice cereal treats that have long been a favorite among people of all ages!

loaded rice krispie dippers_238

Every time I make these they’re a huge hit! Not only does my family love these Loaded Rice Krispie Dippers, but we seem to somehow always have extra visitors when these treats are in the house. :)

It took a few tries of making these to get them exactly how I wanted them. I encourage you to do the same, feel free to play with flavors and candies. But, I do have to say I think these three combos are pretty darn good.

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