Glazed Cappuccino Bars


These Glazed Cappuccino Bars are the perfect dessert for any occasion. Full of everyone’s favorite flavors, these bars are sure to please!


Today I am very excited to bring you another new recipe with two great flavors that go together so well! Really this dessert is pretty simple to prepare. Chocolate and coffee is one of our favorite flavor combinations for a sweet treat, and we’re not even coffee drinkers.

This is the kind of speedy dessert you want in your recipe box, trust me. These bars are good by themselves, but with the glaze they’re all dressed up and ready to be enjoyed. Your family will be making this speedy dessert for years to come!

You’re going to love these chocolate chip bars done in a whole different way. They will definitely keep you coming back for more!

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Cappuccino Flats (a new favorite Christmas cookie)


My Cappuccino Flats make the perfect Holiday cookie to share with your family and friends! This cookie is just a little different and loved by people of all ages!

2014-12-07 Cappuccin Flats 3898

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I’m really excited to share my Cappuccino Flats with you today! If you love the taste of chocolate and coffee together, and most people do, you will love this cookie!

The best part is you can easily modify the coffee flavor to make it stronger or weaker, based on your own personal taste.

You know how every cookie platter has that one cookie that’s just a little different? That is what I’m sharing with you today. Most people love the flavor of chocolate and coffee together, so you’re sure to please with this cookie!

Let’s get started, ready?

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