Brown Sugar Cinnamon Cream Cheese Banana Bites


What do you get when you take a good banana bread recipe and add brown sugar cinnamon cream cheese, nice ripe bananas, and some miniature chocolate chips? Brown Sugar Cinnamon Cream Cheese Banana Bites!

brown sugar cinnamon cream cheese banana bites 324

I have mentioned several times in my blog that I make a lot of banana bread during the year for a lot of different reasons. So, today I wanted to try a new little spin on this classic favorite and came up with Brown Sugar Cinnamon Cream Cheese Banana Bites.

Does it sound good? Oh, they are!

Of course we have our favorite versions, but I’m always open to trying a new banana bread recipe! Banana bread is just a great way to start your day, but it’s also a great snack, or even dessert.

These banana bread bites are fantastic, whether you make them in bites, muffins, or as a loaf, they will be enjoyed by all. I assure you. :)

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