Blue Raspberry Cupcakes


This cupcake is perfect for a birthday party inspired by Disney’s Frozen! Or, do you have somebody in your house that loves anything and everything blue raspberry? Please make them these cupcakes!   

Blue Raspberry Cupcakes_212

Today I am sharing these yummy Blue Raspberry Cupcakes I made over the weekend for a group of boys who love blue raspberry!

Maybe you have Disney’s Frozen on the brain. It would be so easy to make these fun and simple cupcakes.

Or if you simply have a group of kids who love blue raspberry, look no further. This is your cupcake!

I came across this blue raspberry mix last week when I was at Target. Blue raspberry cake mix, who would’ve thought?

This new flavor wasn’t in the regular baking row. FYI – at our local Target these cake mixes are in the back with the seasonal merchandise for Easter. Be sure to look through that section first.

The boys loved my Blue Raspberry Cupcakes!

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