Biscoff Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins


Super-moist banana muffins paired up with Biscoff spread (graham cracker and brown sugar flavor), and just the right amount of miniature chocolate chips. Your kids and co-workers will love these!

Biscoff Banana Chococlate Chip Muffins_104

Guess what I heard on the news this morning? We have now hit day number 30 of a morning temperature at 0 or below. 30 Days in a row!

Can you believe it?

Anyway, let’s move on. That’s all I want to say about that!

Biscoff, Biscoff, Biscoff…I have heard a million times how wonderful this spread is! Yes, I’ve had the airplane cookies several times, and loved them of course. But until recently, I had never actually tried the spread.

You guys, this stuff is SO good! I mean really, really good!!

Maybe you already know this, maybe you don’t, but banana bread is a favorite among my friends and family. So today, it’s banana bread meets Biscoff European Cookie Spread, and baked into a yummy muffin.

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