About Me

Hello and welcome to Megamommy! I’m a mom to two high-energy boys, a wife to my husband who is about as real as they come, and used to be a linguist of all things. Funny how life changes!

I thought about starting my blog about a million times before finally doing so in 2012. My love of baking started when I was a little girl! I come from a long line of very, very good cooks! But I have no formal training whatsoever; let’s call it “on the job” experience. :)

Megamommy finally came to be in 2012 and is growing and changing all the time. I love that! If you can’t tell already, I get bored quite easily and need the constant challenge. It keeps me on my toes!

Being a vendor and officer at our local Farmers’ Market during the warm months is a big part of my life and I enjoy it very much! I have the opportunity to interact with a lot of great people and have learned a lot. It has really changed how I look at food in general. I truly believe it is the simple well done pleasures that make most people happy!

My goal is to make life just a little easier for anyone and everyone I can, even it’s just for a moment in time while you’re in my little corner of the world. :)

Thanks for visiting Megamommy, hope you will come back soon.