Tim Tam Pistachio Pudding Pops

My Tim Tam Pistachio Pudding Pops are the perfect sweet treat to stay cool this summer and have some delicious chocolate cookie bits at the same time!


It’s always so much fun to create some delicious summer recipes that help you stay cool but still hit all the happy ingredients any good dessert should have!

It’s no secret that I love adding something old and something new to my recipes for fun and unique flavors. It’s kind of like my playground. :)

Honestly I forget how much I love pistachio until I have it again! Really, how can you go wrong with Pistachio? It’s one of those flavors that people of all ages usually enjoy.

Hope you love these luscious pudding pops!


For these particular pudding pops I chopped the cookies a little finer than I normally do. But don’t completely crush them because you will end up with chocolate powder. The nice little pieces of chopped chocolate cookie are wonderful..these cookies are SO good!


These are Original Flavor Tim Tam Cookies. I bought mine at Target, so I know they have them there. But I’m sure they have them in numerous other stores as well.

They are very average priced, so no more or no less than any other cookie. The cookies themselves are quite generous in size, which means they go a long way when you they’re chopped.


Let me walk you through the process to make these Tim Tam Pistachio Pudding Pops. It’s totally super simple.


Pistachio Pudding Pops 

Ingredients:                                                                                          2015-07-23-6537

4-6 Tim Tam Original Cookies, chopped

1 box (3.9 ounce) pistachio pudding mix

2 cups cold milk – whole milk will give you a creamier texture, but any milk can be used

1 cup frozen whipped topping, thawed

Additional Items:

Ten 5-ounce paper cups (Dixie Bathroom Cups work great)

Wooden Popsicle Sticks


1. Chop Chocolate Tim Tam Cookies to desired consistency; set aside.

2. Whisk together pudding mix and 2 cups cold milk. Pudding will be soft-set in 5 minutes. Gently fold in 1 cup thawed frozen whipped topping. If you want to use the entire container of thawed whipped topping that’s just fine. You will simply end up with more pops. Fold chopped Tim Tams into pudding mixture until well incorporated.

3. In the bottom of each cup add a few of the finer crumbs you naturally get from chopping the cookies. Pour desired amount of pudding mixture into each paper cup and insert wooden popsicle sticks, one in each cup. Freeze for approximately 2 hours to set.

4. Tear off paper cups to serve. If desired, add a few more chopped cookie crumbs after pops have sit out for just a couple of minutes and will hold the additional cookie crumbs. This step is completely optional.

Makes 10 servings

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