Frosted Cookie Cake Pie

My Frosted Cookie Cake Pie has all those wonderful flavors loved by everyone! It’s not too often you get pie, cake, cookie, buttercream frosting and sprinkles in one dessert! :)

2014-10-09_3315 Frosted Cookie Cake Pie

Frosted Cookie Cake Pie is one of those things we’ve probably all thought about trying at one time or another. Or maybe something along this line anyway.

I have been thinking about it for a while, so it seemed like time to make my own version, and I’m glad I did the kids absolutely LOVED it!

If you are not familiar, Cookie Cake Pie is just as wonderful as it sounds! I went with more of a Halloween look and feel, being that it is that time of year! So, for my Frosted Cookie Cake Pie you start with a frozen deep dish pie crust, add your favorite chocolate chip cookie dough, then pour in bright orange cake batter (for Halloween of course) and bake! Let it cool completely, frost and add all the fun Halloween sprinkles you want to!

Keep in mind you can make your Frosted Cookie Cake Pie as simple or elaborate as you want to.

Let me show you how to make this for your favorite goblins. :)


This is it – a wonderful flaky pie crust, a layer of freshly baked chocolate chip cookie dough, yummy Funfetti cake in orange all star, and of course a generous layer of buttercream frosting with just the right amount of Halloween sprinkles.

You have layer after layer of yum going on here! Just saying…


I used my little roller to kind of press the cookie dough into the bottom of the pie shell. You can just as easily press it in with your fingers. Whether you use a roller or your fingers, simply press 1/2 a batch of cookie dough into the bottom of a deep dish pie shell.

Halloween semisweet chocolate chips were a fun addition here, but you can certainly use any kind of chips you want to.


For the cake layer I used Funfetti Orange All Star – it’s bright orange and has that wonderful Funfetti flavor so many people love!


Of course I chose to top off my Frosted Cookie Cake Pie with buttercream frosting! It just seemed like a natural choice. Really, how can you go wrong with buttercream frosting? :)

You can use homemade or canned buttercream frosting. I used homemade frosting because I’m kind of weird about frosting, but either one will work just fine.

Have fun and ENJOY!

Frosted Halloween Cake Cookie Pie

Ingredients:                                                                                 2014-10-09_3315 Frosted Cookie Cake Pie

One batch of my chocolate chip cookie dough (without the instant pudding). Or you can use a mix, or refrigerated cookie dough.

*I used homemade cookie dough with Halloween semisweet chips. You will only need 1/2 of the dough for this recipe. Now you have a little extra dough to use however you want.

One frozen deep dish pie crust

One pack of Funfetti Orange All Star Cake Mix

One batch of buttercream frosting like the one used here without food coloring – Buttercream frosting. Or you can use canned if you prefer.

Halloween sprinkles, or sprinkles of choice


1. Make a batch of my chocolate chip cookie dough omitting the vanilla pudding. Or you can use refrigerated cookie dough, or a mix prepared according to the instructions.

2. Gently press 1/2 the cookie dough into frozen pie shell. You can use a whole batch of cookie dough if you want to, but it’s much easier to do with 1/2 a batch of cookie dough. Save the other half of the cookie dough for another time. :)

3. Prepare cake mix according to instructions, add sprinkles if desired. Pour on top of unbaked cookie dough and pie crust.

4. Bake for 35-55 minutes, or until done. Begin checking at 35 minutes. My oven took exactly 45 minutes, but ovens do vary. Make sure cake layer is cooked all the way through. Check with toothpick as instructed on package. Allow Cookie Cake Pie to cool completely.

5. Use my favorite buttercream frosting without food coloring, make your favorite buttercream, or use canned buttercream frosting to frost top as desired. Sprinkle with favorite Halloween sprinkles.

That’s it my friends, you’re done with your Halloween Cake Cookie Pie!

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