Double-Chocolate Oatmeal Skillet Cookie

My Double-Chocolate Oatmeal Skillet Cookie is the perfect combination of chocolate, oatmeal, M&M’s and a delicious skillet cookie in one! Who could ask for more?

2014-06-03_210 Double-Chocolate Oatmeal Skillet

My Double-Chocolate Oatmeal Skillet Cookie is one of those things you just have to try!

I’m willing to bet you will cut yourself a wedge, eat it, and before long you will find yourself going back for another piece. :)

There’s definitely something special about this skillet cookie that will have you coming back for more! MM_226 One of the added perks of a skillet cookie is you have plenty of room to top it off any way you want to. As you can see, a big scoop of ice cream with a little drizzle of chocolate sauce, and a few more mini M&M’s is always good!

This skillet cookie is also very good served plain. It also travels very well! You could easily slice a few wedges for backpacks, a lunch for work, or take with you just about anywhere.


One thing I would like to stress is you can always change the amount of oatmeal in this recipe. So if you’re not a huge fan of oatmeal feel free to use less oatmeal and more flour.

Play around and do whatever makes you happy!   MM_222

Whether you bake this skillet cookie in two skillets or one, it’s sure to turn out great!


Double-Chocolate Oatmeal Skillet Cookie

Ingredients: 2014-06-03_210 Double-Chocolate Oatmeal Skillet

1 cup (2 sticks) butter, softened

1 cup firmly packed brown sugar

1/2 cup granulated sugar

1/2 cup cocoa powder

2 eggs, room temperature

1 teaspoon vanilla

2 cups all-purpose flour

1 teaspoon baking soda

1/2 teaspoon salt (optional)

2 1/2 cups oats (quick or old fashioned, uncooked)

1/2 cup mini chocolate chips

1 regular package Mini Rainbow M&M’s, reserve some for serving


1. Spray two oven-proof (6-inch) skillets, or one oven-proof (12-inch) skillet with cooking spray. Or line skillets with parchment paper; set aside.

2. Beat together butter and sugars until creamy.

3. Add eggs and vanilla; beat well.

4. Add combined flour, baking soda, and salt (if using); mix well.

5. Stir in oats and mini chocolate chips; mix well.

6. Press dough into 2 – 6″ skillets, or 1 – 12″ skillet. Top with mini M&M’s, pressing M&M’s slightly into dough. Bake 20-25 minutes, or until done. Time will vary depending upon skillet size and weight.

7. Cool on a wire rack for about 30 minutes. Serve warm or cool completely. Slice into wedges, top with ice cream and chocolate syrup if desired, and enjoy!

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