Apple (Pie) Flower Bowls

Apple (Pie) Flower Bowl, what’s that, you may ask? An Apple (Pie) Flower Bowl is all the best parts of an apple pie, in a Ramekin, with a few Snickers bites, and topped of with a wonderful golden brown crust! Are you with me?

Apple Flower Bowls_027

This is what I like to call an Apple (Pie) Flower Bowl. It isn’t exactly an apple pie, but it does have all of the best parts of an Apple Pie!

These little Ramekin treats are filled with lots of fresh apples, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, just a few Snickers bites, and of course topped with crust.


I wanted you guys to see the size of my chopped apples just to give you a an idea of what I started with. You want to chop your apples so they’re not tiny, but not too big either, sort of s rough chop.

I used Fireside and Honeycrisp because that’s what I had one hand. Most importantly, use whatever variety of apples are available in your area, and you like!


For me, there must ALWAYS be a crust with anything even close to Apple Pie! Or it’s just not the same!

Ahh yes, golden brown curst with White Sparkling Sugar…so good!

Everyone has their own take, and I know there are people who don’t like crust, and that’s fine. Everyone likes something different.


As you can see the ice cream has melted into this warm yummy Apple (Pie) Flower Bowl. My oldest son is the Prince of Ice Cream! He likes most ice cream, and enjoys them regularly.

He must have his ice cream melted in somewhat, then add another scoop for the “fresh” one on top as he puts it. :)


Here you see a generous dollop, okay more than a dollop, that has melted in for my other son. He loves fresh whip cream on his dessert.

When he says who made it? No, really who made it? It has met the Sir Picky Pants seal of approval. I’m just telling it like it is…


The brown sauce you’re seeing here is the Snickers melted in to the dessert and it’s wonderful! The Snickers bites bring that little something special, okay a lot something special. :)


Apple (Pie) Flower Bowls

Ingredients:              027          

4 good size apples, they don’t need to be huge, but you do want them to be a good size because they will bake down quite a bit

2 tablespoons sugar, if you’re using a tart apple you may want to add just a little more

1 teaspoon Apple Pie Spice

8 tablespoons Snickers bites, 2 tablespoons per Ramekin

Refrigerate Pie Crust, room temperature – you can use any brand you want, or make it yourself

1 egg white + a tiny plash of water, for egg wash

White Sparkling Sugar, optional for the top

Small cookie cutter, or regular knife if you prefer to do by hand


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Allow pie crust to come to room temperature. Spray four Ramekins generously with cooking spray; set aside. Separate egg, keeping just the egg white. Add a tiny bit of water, mix together; set aside.

2. Coarsely chop apples, place them in large bowl. Gently toss apples with granulated sugar, and Apple Pie Spice. If you want more sugar, or apple pie spice, add it now.

3. When pie crust is room temperature begin cutting shapes from crust. Depending on the shape you use you may not use the entire crust. I used the very small Fall-Themed Wilton Apple shape.

4. Divide apple evenly between the four Ramekins. Add two tablespoons of Snickers bites per Ramekin. Even though the bites are pretty small I like to cut them in half.

5. Begin to place crust cutouts around Ramekin starting from the outside and working in, being sure to leave an opening in the middle for the hot air to escape while baking. When placing the crust cutouts on top be sure to keep room temp water on hand for wetting the pieces a bit as needed. Be sure to work in a circular motion. Top with desired number of crust cutouts.

6. With a pastry brush, or some other type of kitchen brush, evenly wipe crust topped Ramekin with egg white mixture, sprinkle with a bit of White Sparkling Sugar. Bake for 35-45 minutes, depending upon oven.

7. Allow to cool for at least 10 minutes. Top with ice cream, whip cream and cinnamon sugar, or nothing at all. Serve and enjoy!

Makes 4 Ramekins = 4 Servings

Megamommy ѽ


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