Special Cereal Jar: Halloween

If you have anyone in your house that loves cereal, this is such a fun idea, and it’s always well received! It’s also just a really nice way for kids, or anyone at all, to start out the day.

This idea has probably been done a million times, but I don’t really know, because I have never looked. I’m not really a crafter. When and if I do a craft (if it can be called that), it’s always one with a specific purpose, usually consumption.

This idea just kind of came to me based on what I had, what I wanted to achieve, and the fact that I have a son who loves cereal! Oh, this also works well for a quick and easy “thinking of you” type of gift to brighten someone’s day. :)

What I like best about this whole concept is that it can be adapted to fit ANY special theme, party, holiday, etc.

special cereal jar_halloween


cereal of choice – any cereal can be used. For those of you that wonder what a special cereal is, here you go. A special cereal at our house is one of those cereals your kids LOVE, but you may not want them eating during the week before they go to school.

mason jar – one per person, I love mason jars, but I really do prefer to use a recycled jar.

Mega’s Golden Rule: If you’re using recycled jars make sure they’re exactly the same size and shape to avoid any issues among children. The younger the children are, the more important this is.

washi tape – any color/pattern you like

plastic spoons – one per person


twine, any color will do

embellishments, optional


1. I always like to gather my supplies first! So, I gathered a mason jar, a special cereal, washi tape, a plastic spoon, scissors, twine, embellishment for jar (if using).

2. Pour the cereal into the jar, be sure to save enough room at the top so that when the milk is added the cereal doesn’t go everywhere. :)

3. Simply place washi tape over both the top and spoon any way you want to. You can tear or cut the tape depending on the look you want.

If you’re using a mason jar, use a fun cupcake paper for a liner on top. Use the washi tape on the spoon to create a fun look. Note: Check your spoon for length. Hold it parallel to the jar and make sure it’s long enough. Note all spoons are the same length. 

4. Lastly, take the twine and wrap it around the top of the jar a few times and tie it. Be sure to stick the spoon into the twine. Add your embellishment, if using one.copy of 003

This is a nice little something special to leave for your kids (or any cereal lover), when you can’t be there with them for breakfast.

The great thing about this idea/craft is that can be as inexpensive and simple as you want, or it can be very elaborate, or anywhere in between.

Cereal Jars are a lot of fun to do for a child’s birthday party! We did this once for a birthday party sleepover, and the kids loved seeing the jars all lined up, and ready for them in the morning. It was a blast! 

My favorite way to do Cereal Jars is with any holiday theme. Naturally, when doing this idea for adults, you may want to get some cereals that fit grown up tastes a bit more.

There are a lot of great cereal out there nowadays!


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