Great Gift: Birthday Baking Box

This is a great gift idea for almost any child! It’s a gift that’s very well received by younger children, and it’s something the birthday boy or girl can have fun with long after their birthday has passed. We have given numerous Birthday Baking Boxes and Birthday Cooking Boxes as gifts. As a matter of fact, parents have thanked me later for a gift that gives their child something to do after the birthday has come and gone. birthday gift Materials: 1 cake mix or brownie mix – usually it’s a regular size mix, unless I can get the smaller size mixes at a great price. 1 container frosting – usually some color variation of Funfetti, most kids love Funfetti! 1 pack of cupcake liners – go for anything that matches the theme or time of year, you can often find them in the $1 section at various stores. Decorating Items – SPRINKLES are critical here! Kids love sprinkles!! Always include a couple of choices for sprinkles. Mini Candies – aside from the sprinkles be sure to include a fun mini candy or two for decorating anything they want to. One Extra Fun Item – anything that goes along with the ‘theme’ of the box! I use the word ‘theme’ loosely, think cupcakes, cookies, cake, or a fun project for a boy.


Directions: 1. First, pick a spending limit. I warn you now, do not go to store thinking you will just grab a few things for the birthday present. Always set a dollar limit! Your goal is to make one trip to the store, pick up what you need, and be done. With a little planning the items you see cost me just a little under $15. 2. Put all of the items together in a box of some kind, or one item like a strainer or such that can be used by the recipient. Usually the box works best for children. :) 3. Wrap the present in a very simple wrapping style, if you don’t have the right paper turn the paper over and use the back of whatever you have and use some decorative tape. If you don’t have decorative tape, don’t sweat it, use scotch tape and have your little party goer decorate the package a little with whatever words, colors, or shapes they want to. One bit of caution here, use markers or crayons, not paint. 4. If your child is old enough have him or her help you wrap the present. It’s good practice for them, and it teaches him/her to ‘practice patience’ while doing so.


5. This baking/cooking idea is much easier to do with for a girl’s birthday. If your boys don’t want to do this for another boy, don’t force it.

One thing I have learned is boys seems to be more into the whole decorating or personalizing aspect. For example they love to decorate brownies with sprinkles, lots of chocolate, and usually bright blue or green frosting. But in general they’re not as into the baking part of it all.

6. One final thing, the present may not look anything you’ve even seen before after your child has wrapped or “helped” wrap the present, but that’s fine. :) My boys have explained to me many times – kids don’t care how it looks, they care about what’s inside. The fancy stuff is what adults like to spend their money on.

Spoken like a true child!

Megamommy Note: I like to include one easy recipe inside of the box. Simply print out a basic recipe on the printer and include it inside. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Kids usually get a kick out of getting their own recipe.

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