The Best College Care Package

The Best College Care Package

I love making personalized Care Packages for people! What do I mean by personalized? I mean a well-thought out gift for that particular person! When I put together a personalized Care Package there are a few things I try to do with each one. Basically, I try to make sure that each and every item in the “Care Package” or the package itself can either be eaten or used again. No waste!!

So what makes a care package personalized? Taking the time to really think about what that particular person needs and/or likes. If you don’t know, that’s fine too, simply opt for items that are both male and female friendly.

We recently had a neighbor boy move away for college. He is much more than just a neighbor. He was our go-to guy when we went out of town and needed someone to collect the mail, mow the grass or shovel the snow. Plus he’s just an all-around great kid!

Let’s take a look at what I put together for him.


  • One reusable tote bag – he will be encourage to use it for other purchases while at college. Most college students are pretty eco-minded anyway.
  • A few cans of soup. Why soup? Because, although he’s going to live in a dorm, there are many times when he’ll need something in his room to satisfy his hunger. Soup is a great go-to meal! :)
  •  One Microwaveable Mug – Make sure it can go in the microwave! It can be used for soup, Ramen, hot chocolate, coffee, or anything else.
  • Crackers or Goldfish – to go with the soup. A small pack will do.
  •  Peanut Butter & Tuna – give the student a healthy protein choice. Peanut butter is one of his favorites. Make sure you are aware of any nut allergies. He also loves tuna. He’s in all kinds of sports and he’s always looking for a lean, healthy protein.

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  • Snacks for studying, while studying late at night, or just when he’s studying for all those exams he’s going to be taking. Students love candy but try to limit the amount of candy you include. Popcorn and granola bars also make a great addition.
  •  Fruit cups – I also included a few cups of his favorite fruit. Pears, to be exact. He loves to get the pear cups nice and cold, then eat them and drink the liquid like juice.
  • Shampoo and Body Wash – any kind will do. Why not purchase both in one? If nothing else he will have this as back up when he runs out of his favorites.
  •  COOKIES, MUST HAVE COOKIES! I have also included his favorite cookie – Oatmeal Chocolate Chip.Because there’s nothing like home-made cookies! :) :)

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  •  Put everything together in the reusable bag along with a short note wishing the student well. Please don’t go out and spend $4+ dollars on a card! A simple note will do. Besides, just from having boys I can tell you they would rather you put money towards something, anything for the Care Package.

Megamommy Note: Keep in mind you can go as simple or elaborate as you want to! I usually wouldn’t include this much, but he has helped us out many, many times over the last few years.

Total Cost: just under $20, everything I bought was on sale, clearance or purchased with a coupon to help lower the cost. That is how I like to shop.

If you don’t want to, or can’t bake home-made cookies for whatever reason, consider including a package of your special student’s favorite cookies.

Remember my friends spending lots of money isn’t the object here! Giving your special student a few things he/she likes and can use is!!

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