Mug Cakes Done Two Ways


I love a good no bake dessert, especially when it’s hotter than blazes outside! Turning on the oven to bake a cake, cookies, or anything else when it’s 95+ degrees, is not my first choice.

Mug cakes are a great no bake dessert perfect for hot weather!

These mug cakes are super quick to make, take just a few simple ingredients and can easily be changed for individual likes. We see mug cakes, brownies, and muffins all over the place these days. I think it’s safe to say, most people are at least familiar with the concept.

I love the fact that you can easily personalize mug cakes with very little effort. We all want different things on different days. With these you can easily change each person’s mug cake to fit their particular craving of the day! :)

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The trick to these is two fold – always generously spray your mug or glass you are making the cake in AND always stir your ingredients well before putting the mug in the microwave oven!

Although I love the microwave for mug treats, I simply don’t use it for cooking or baking. So this is a very rare occasion for me. I will be making mug cakes and other mug treats again with different flavor combinations. Stay tuned. :)

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Keep in mind you can easily make mug cakes a little more upscale by simply modifying your ingredients to suit adult taste buds a little better. The ingredients you add are up to you! A few of my favorites are a tablespoon of good quality chocolate or a favorite flavor of coffee creamer.

You could even add a little rum or Grand Marnier for adults who like alcohol in their desserts. Of course, using a prettier mug (or vessel for your cakes) is always an option on those days you want something just a little prettier.

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Mug Cakes Done Two Ways

Ingredients                                       copy 1007

1 (8.9 oz.) Chocolate Cake Mix

1 (8.9 oz.) Yellow Cake Mix

1 Angel Food Cake Mix (regular size)

orange juice, freshly squeezed or your favorite brand

1 tablespoon chocolate chips (semisweet, milk chocolate, any kind will do)

1 tablespoon white chocolate chips

Frosting or glaze of your choice

Whip cream, if desired

Sprinkles, if desired


1. Spray each microwaveable mug or glass generously with nonstick spray; set aside. Make sure mixture is no more than half the size of the mug. Just kind of eyeball it knowing you will be adding 5 tablespoons total to each mug. 

2. Evenly divide a regular size box of Angel Food cake mix into two equal portions. Mix half of the Angel Food cake mix with the chocolate cake mix and the other half with the white cake mix. Make sure each mixture is mixed well and store in separate air-tight containers. 

3. For each serving, combine 3 tablespoons of the cake mixture with 2 tablespoons of orange juice (or you could use water)  and 1 tablespoon of chocolate chips. I used white chocolate chips with the white cake mixture and semisweet chips with the chocolate cake mixture. Be sure to stir each mug well making sure mixture is well combined.

4. Microwave each mug for 1 minute. Microwave times may vary slightly. Let each mug stand for a few seconds after you pull it out from the microwave, then top with desired toppings.

5. If you choose to use frosting. Simply warm the frosting up a bit and use it as a warm glaze. Or you can make your own glaze. Top with any additional toppings such as whip cream, sprinkles, additional chocolate chips, or anything else you desire. Serve and enjoy!  


Megamommy Notes:

If you can find the smaller cake mixes for a good sale price, grab a few while on sale. If you can’t, simply combine the Angel Food cake mix with one regular size cake mix, any flavor you like. Once the two cake mixes are combined use the amount you need depending on how many mug cakes you’re going to make. Then store combined mixture in an air-tight container. Be sure to mark the container so you know what’s in there later. :)

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