Three Terrific Ways With Tomtoes


Usually, on Mondays I like to kick off the week by posting a new recipe with all of the little details already worked out. But this week, I’m doing something a little different.

Today, I am posting more of a concept, rather than a particular recipe.

While working at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday, I noticed there are a number of parents who are desperately trying to interest their kids in healthy new foods and flavors. Good for you parents! Of course there are the kids who will eat almost anything, and then there are the kids who would rather just stay in their comfort zone.

So for those of you out there trying to get your kids to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, this post is for you! As the mother of Sir Picky Pants, I have learned a thing or two that just might work for you as well. Sometimes ideas from someone who has TRULY been there can be a breath of fresh air.

I will say this my friends, it does get better, it just takes some time… :)

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How about BLT’s with a NEW spitn? Let me share a few things with you that worked for me. Start with a loaf of FRESH bread from your local Farmer’s Market, if that isn’t available, pick up a loaf of bread at the grocery store you KNOW your child will eat.

BACON… when you make the bacon, keep in mind the bacon is just one ingredient in the BLT. Meaning, it’s not just about bacon. Do not let them indulge on just bacon!

LETTUCE… most kids find lettuce palatable. If your child is open to different types of lettuce use some type of lettuce that is just a little different, like Romaine. If lettuce is an issue, simply use Iceburg.

TOMAOTES… a lot of kids find thick tomato slices very daunting, slice the tomatoes thin, but use SEVERAL slices in each sandwich.

MAYO OR MIRACLE WHIP?… If your child doesn’t like mayo or Miracle Whip, use whatever dressing your child enjoys. You can even try spreading the toast with some ranch or even peppercorn ranch dressing. Not too much, keep the dressing light.

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How about this for a great snack? If your kids love tortillas as much as mine do, this should be easy. If they don’t love tortillas, crackers will work just fine. How about making your own tortilla roll-ups with FRESH tomatoes for a healthy and delicious snack?

Try using any flavor tortilla your kids like. Then spread a thin layer of cream cheese on the tortilla, place a layer of ham or turkey on top of the cream cheese. Now top that with thinly cut tomatoes, and add a thin layer of sprinkled cheese. Again be sure the tomatoes are thinly sliced. Remember you want to keep the tomatoes sliced thin because kids are more likely to eat tomatoes that way. Also, because it’s much easier to roll up the tortillas with thinly sliced tomatoes.

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If your kids love pasta try this. Make whatever kind of pasta your kids like best. If they like angel hair pasta make that, or any other shape they prefer. Top off the pasta with a some freshly chopped garlic, maybe a clove or two, sprinkle with a little salt and pepper. Chop FRESH tomatoes the way you want then and add a little olive oil to coat the tomatoes.

Gently toss the pasta mixture to be sure all ingredients are mixed together. If desired, sprinkle pasta mixture with a bit of parmesan cheese. At Mega’s House the golden rule when serving Sir Picky Pants is we say nothing about any new ingredient being used. Mega’s Haus the rule is you must try two bites before saying anything about the dish. Of course you can do whatever works for you.

REMEMBER… if all else fails… and the seeds, the texture or both, are still an issue. Make the tomatoes into a sauce. Kids usually love tomato sauce of any kinds! 


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