Dipped Peanut Butter Cookies with Reese’s Pieces

Dipped PB Cookied with Reese's Pieces

Okay, I have mentioned many, many times that I think every home cook, female or male, should always have a few of their favorite mixes in the pantry. There are just times when you want to make a little special something for the family, or company drops by and you need a little something, quick and easy.

You can always bake from scratch on the weekend, or whatever day works best for you. Really, it’s no big deal to use a mix here and there!

We’re in some kind of strange holding pattern for weather this year. I don’t know what’s going on. Everything is just kind of off this spring, The boys were digging for “just the right thing” and weren’t finding it. We needed a little treat today, and cookies are by far our first choice. :)



I haven’t done peanut butter cookies in a while, so maybe some type of a peanut butter cookie, and of course chocolate must be included. So, I got a mix out of my pantry, yes I have them too, for days like these, and thought about what I could make my crew.

This is what I came up with – Dipped Peanut Butter Cookies with Reese’s Pieces. No they aren’t anything brand new, or incredibly different. They aren’t suppose to be. These cookies are just plain old GOOD!

They were simply meant to put a smile on my family’s face, and they did just that. :)









1 pouch Betty Crocker Peanut Butter Cookie Mix

1 egg, oil, and water as called for back of package

1 bag of chocolate chips, whatever kind you prefer

(I used chocolate Candi-Quick only because I had a package that needed to be used up. Normally I would use milk chocolate flavored chocolate chips)

Reese’s Pieces, if desired


1. Follow the instructions on the back of the package for ingredients and bake time.

2. I always make my cookies in a whoopie pie pan, or with a larger than usual scoop. So my bake time is different than the package. Follow the mix and you’ll be fine.

3. Allow the cookies to cool completely on a wire rack. Heat your chocolate chips in the microwave as it states on the back of the package. The biggest thing to remember is not to over-heat the chips.

4. Stir the chips until the melted chocolate is silky smooth. Begin dipping your cookies one at a time. Be sure to have a wire rack with wax paper under it to catch the dripping chocolate.

5. Immediately after placing cookie on wire rack to drip, garnish with desired amount of Reese’s Pieces, if desired. You can either do a specific pattern, or simply sprinkle the Reese’s Pieces wherever you want to.

6. Allow chocolate on cookies to dry, place in an airtight container and place in fridge. They will keep better in the fridge.



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