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 Is this beautiful or is this beautiful?

What you are looking at friends is a loaf of Jack’s Fresh Bread – Fresh Olive Bread to be specific. Believe it or not, Olive Bread is one of our biggest sellers! This is just one of the many types of bread we sell at our Local Farmer’s Market, May through October, here in Central Minnesota.

While I usually post sweet recipes and dinner recipes on this blog there are several other baked goods we get to enjoy on a regular basis. This is one of those things.

Who doesn’t love a piece of warm, soft bread directly from the oven? It can really round out a meal, but how many people go through the steps to make a yeast based bread? Truth be told, rarely, if ever, do I make yeast bread.

Honestly, I don’t even like olives, but this bread is so good, I eat it whenver we can get our hands on a loaf!!

As I have mentioned many times before. My dad and I, are vendors at our Local Farmers Market, we sell Fresh Bread and many other Fresh Baked Goods (one of the many hats I wear) along with Fresh Apples, and numerous other Farm Fresh Items. Yes, we have an apple orchard, so everything is grown right here in Minnesota. :)



My dad has been baking bread for many years, and as you can see, he is very, very good at it!

This is the same Fresh Olive Bread sliced, and ready to be served. Calling it good, quite frankly is an understatement. Make no mistake about it, his fresh bread is DELICIOUS!

I guess the reason for today’s post is to help you understand something. Being a vendor at any Farmers Market is really a labor of love, it takes a lot of time and a lot of effort!

Next time you go to your Local Farmers Market understand selling at any Farmers Market may look easy, but it’s not! A lot of time and effort that goes into getting ready for the market, and making sure that as a vendor, you have the very best products you can possibly have for your customers. Honestly, all the vendors I know want to sell ONLY only the very best products to their customers!


So, if I can leave you with one thought for today… it’s to please understand that often times there’s a lot of skill and craftsmanship that goes into bringing you what the vendors bring you. Many, many hours have been spent picking, weeding, harvesting, cooking, baking, and various other forms of preparation.

For those of you that say bread is bread, or tomatoes are tomatoes, I guess I would simply like to say, I beg to differ. :)



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