St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Pops

St. Patrick's Day Cookie Pops

I’ve got another simple yet delicious treat for you today!

I call them St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Pops. This one is great for kids and adults. You can put them on a stick, or serve them without a stick, and they’re just as good, and just as fun either way!

So here’s the deal, you know the millions of cake pops that are out there? Well, I’m not a fan! I can hear you gasping from here, they’re just not my thing. I’m not a big fan of frosting in general, and I really don’t like that mooshy cake and frosting combination. Anyway, that said, let’s move on.

Hmm, cookie pops. Have you ever thought about how you like your Cookie Pops? I have, many times. I know exactly how Cookie Pops should be in theory, but that’s not how I make my Cookie Pops, ever. Big surprise, huh?

I purposely leave the mixture just a little chunky, notice I said a little chunky. We all (at this house) prefer them a little chunky, so that’s what I do.

Cookie Pops can’t be too chunky or they’re just not going to turn out the way they should. They’re not going to roll right when too chunky.

Let’s take a look at how to put these St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Pops together.

First off, I would like to say these aren’t based off of a specific recipe. I always make them the way I know my family is going to like them. So after I made these St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Pops, I dug through a bunch of recipes just for those of you that like specifics. :)


First, I made a batch of my favorite chocolate chips cookies. You have several choices here, you can make your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, use refrigerated cookie dough, or even use pre-packaged cookies.

I always make my own cookies for Cookie Pops, but that’s because we prefer the taste of home-made. But you can do whatever you want here. There will be no cookie police coming to get you. :)


The chocolate chip cookies gently crumbled into pieces with approximately one cup of frosting added. As you can see in the picture, I didn’t completely crumble the cookies into super fine pieces, that’s simply a personal choice.


These are the St. Patrick’s Day sprinkles I used after the chocolate firmed up completely. You can garnish with anything you want to, St. Patrick’s Day sprinkles, or nothing at all. You decide. :)


Whenever I do cookie pops, or almost any treat on a stick I also like to do some without a stick. Depending on who you are serving, and where, it’s nice to have a choice. If you’re serving kids they almost always go for Cookie Pops on a stick! If you are serving adults, it really varies.

St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Pops           


1 batch of your favorite chocolate chip cookies baked, or 24 Keebler Soft ‘N Chewy Cookies

1 cup canned vanilla frosting (I used a little less)

24 lollipop sticks

2 1/2 cups semi-sweet chocolate morsels

2 tablespoons shortening

1/2 cup white chocolate chips or white candy melts

St. Patrick’s Day sprinkles, or any other garnish, if desired



1. Bake a batch of your favorite chocolate chips cookies, allow to cool completely. In a medium bowl, crumble approximately 24 of your favorites chocolate chip cookies, or crumble 24 Keebler Chips Deluxe Soft ‘N Chewy cookies.

2. Stir in frosting. Shape mixture into twenty-four 1 1/2-inch balls. Don’t worry about the exact number, but you do want them to be the same size. Insert stick into each, pressing balls around sticks; unless you decided to make some without a stick. Place in single layer on wax paper-lined baking sheet. Cover and freeze for 1 hour.

3. After cookie balls have frozen completely, prepare chocolate. In microwave-safe bowl, combine chocolate morsels and shortening. Microwave on high for 1 to 2 minutes or until smooth, stirring every 30 seconds. Let stand for 10 minutes.

4. Dip lollipops into chocolate mixture, allowing excess chocolate to drip off. Set in cake lollipop stand or place on wax paper-lined baking sheet. Let stand about 15 minutes or until firm.

5. When firm, melt white chocolate coating according to package instructions. Pipe onto cookie pops or drizzle with fork. Garnish with sprinkles, or any desired garnish. Let stand for about 15 minutes or until firm.

Keebler has a recipe for Chocolate Chip Lollipops very similar to how I make mine. I really didn’t adapt from their recipe, because I have been doing it this way for a very long time for different occasions. But the recipe at is very good!





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