Chocolate Cherry Cola Cupcakes

So, after being accused of not making cupcakes in forever, (which translates into about a whole week, maybe two if you have kids), I decided to make these simple little cupcakes.

When I opened my frdige the first thing I saw was a Cherry Coca Cola, so I thought to myself Cherry and Chocolate it is!

Ingredients for Chocolate Cherry Cola Cupcakes @

Here are your basic Chocolate Cherry Cola Cupcake ingredients.

I followed the instructions on the back of the cake box, only instead of water I substituted Cherry Coca-Cola for the water, and I added about 2 Tbsp. of maraschino cherry juice. If you don’t have a jar of maraschino cherries, don’t sweat it, simply add 1/2 tsp of cherry extract to the cake batter.

Two things I wanted to share with you guys. First, I thought these Life Saver Gummies – Wild Berries would be a great garnish, because of their flavor and color. If you’ve never had them before, they’re delicious!

Second, you can see here I used the smaller size Duncan Hines Devil’s Food Cake Mix. I really like the 9 oz. size when I want to make a fun dessert for the kids but I don’t too much of it.

Just like the regular size mix they go on sale all the time! Ounce per ounce the regular size cake mix is always going to a better deal, but there are times where the smaller mixes come in handy.

 I also added just a few sprinkles before garnishing them with the Life Saver Gummies – Wild Berries.

Chocolate Cherry Cola Cupcakes @

Ready to dig in?

Chocolate Cherry Cola Cupcakes


1 (9 ounce) box Devil’s Food Cake Mix

1/2 cup Cherry Coca-Cola

1/4 cup canola oil

2 Tbsp. maraschino cherry juice or 1/2 tsp. cherry extract

2 large eggs

1/4 cup butter, softened but not metled

1-1/2 cups confectioners’ sugar

2-3 tablespoons of same Cherry Coca-Cola

Garnish: rainbow sprinkles & Life Saver Gummies – Wild Berries or any garnish you prefer


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line muffin pan with 10 cupcake liners (I usually spray those with nonstick spray), or spray muffin cups with nonstick spray.

2. Blend dry mix, Cherry Coca Cola, oil, and eggs in a large bowl at low speed until moistened (about 30 seconds). Scrape down sides, and beat at medium speed for 2 minutes. Pour batter into muffin cups, distributing evenly.

3. Bake for apx. 20 minutes; be sure not to over bake. Cool in pan, on wire rack for 15 minutes. Cool completely before frosting.

Frosting Directions

1. In a large bowl, beat butter at medium speed with an electric mixer until nice and creamy. Add powdered sugar and cola, beat until smooth. Spread over cooled cupcakes.

The cherry flavor in the butter cream frosting is going to be very light. If you want a stronger cherry flavor you can either add cherry extract, add only 1/4 of a teaspoon at a time, or you can simply go with the Duncan Hines canned frosting starter and add a packet of cherry almond frosting creations flavor mix.

2. Garnish with sprinkles and gummies, or any other garnish, if desired.

One more thing my taste testers are funny when it comes to anything cherry flavored. They say they like it, but they want it light. This cupcake and frosting are both very light, I could easily make them heavier, but after coming off of Christmas I thought light would be nice.

Here are the comments of my Taste Testers:

Taste Tester 1 – The cupcake is light and moist and the frosting seems to be perfect! BUT I wanted something heavier. On a scale of 1-10, I rate these a 9.

Taste Tester 2 – Both the cupcake and frosting are great! Do you have any heavy goopy frosting to pour on there? I rate these a solid 8.5.

Taste Tester 3 – There aren’t any chunks of fruit, right? Not bad for something with cherry in the title. I rate these a 9. Next time no fancy frosting, give us the cheap stuff out of the can.

That’s my panel of taste testers, gotta’ love ’em. :)

This recipe can easily be made with a regular size cake mix, simply follow the back of the box for the exact amounts. Remembering to substitute the Cherry Coca-Cola for the water.

I’ve made this recipe many times, many different ways, and whether you make cupcakes or cake in a pan it turns out great!

Megamommy ѽ

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